What To Expect After A Free Consultation

After Our Consultation

After the consultation call and if we decide to move forward in our work together, I recommend that we meet weekly throughout the initial stages of our work. The reasoning behind this is supported by clinical research and promotes greater effectiveness of treatment.


This frequency helps to build our therapeutic relationship, gets you more quickly to a place of feeling some relief in your life, and for you to begin to see changes happen sooner. The research shows that clinically significant improvements should occur within 12-15 sessions, where you likely should start feeling a significant relief in symptoms and experiences that were bringing you to therapy in the first place.

When it makes sense to decrease our frequency of meeting, we will then move our meeting time to biweekly, once every 3 weeks, monthly, and then the ultimate goal of graduating from therapy!

After we begin to work weekly together for at least the first 12-15 sessions, you will never be “forced” into a frequency of meeting. I will consistently work with you on what you are needing and what makes the most sense given your current situation. And if you have a had a lot of experience in therapy and/or are a therapist yourself, perhaps it makes sense for us to start off meeting biweekly.

Personalized Care To Meet Your Gaols

Working with me means you are getting personalized care to meet your unique needs. It is my goal to create a healthy relationship with you while supporting you to meet your goals!

What to expect after a free consultation with dr anissa york