Moving Through The Stress Of Life With Ease And Empowerment

Therapy For Women

Therapy for Women Dr Anissa York Licensed Clinical Therapist

Getting Started With Women’s Therapy

You’re feeling the pressure to show up at a 100% in both work and in your personal life every single moment, every single day. You’ve been finding yourself feeling exhausted and unsatisfied. You recall a time when you were happy and less stressed, but now you don’t know how to get back there or who you really are anymore. That version of yourself seems to have gotten lost by the stress of life and the demands your career, family, partner, kids, or expectations other moms are putting on you. You don’t have to carry all the needs of everyone else by yourself.

Communicating Boundaries and Expressing Your Needs

Together, we can get clear on where your limits are at any given moment and learn how to create more space for you and your needs. Learning how to communicate boundaries and express your needs will lead to greater improvement in both your relationship with yourself and with those in your life. When we take the time and make the effort to take care of ourselves, we create the ability to show up in more optimal ways for others.

Getting the Support You Need to Achieve Your Goals

Whether you’re wanting to learn tools for managing stress more effectively, get to know yourself again, build better relationships, explore aspects of your career, or become the mom you know lives inside of you, I am here to support you in achieving all of your goals. Let’s get to know you again and get you on the track of being more present, grounded, and satisfied in the life that you have always dreamed of.

A Few Examples of Therapy For Women I Provide

Self-Esteem Counseling

I hear it often. The desire to build a better relationship with yourself, that then extends to better relationships with others. Feeling like you’re not good enough, undeserving, that inner critical voice that just won’t go away. It shows up often and can leave you feeling like you’re in a whirlwind of second guessing, hypercritical, and those ever consuming racing thoughts that show up when you’re trying to get to bed. You just want it to stop.

Building Self-Confidence

We can work together to boost your self-confidence, quiet and even change the narrative that shapes the unwanted and super critical voice. Let’s start to build the kind of relationship with yourself that is supportive, kind, and empowering. Through this process, how you speak to yourself will transform and look more like how you speak to someone you love.

Stress and Anxiety Management

The constant stress, the intense worry, feeling helpless, the panic, the endless what ifs, the dread, being on autopilot, and all the physical symptoms that embody these feelings. It’s consuming, exhausting, shows up when least expected, and can be pretty debilitating. There’s a lot that can be done to decrease the impact of stress and anxiety, and keep it at bay more often.

Stress and Anxiety Management Results

In our work together, I draw from scientific-based practices that target stress and anxiety and teach you these life-changing skills. We will get to know how stress and anxiety show up uniquely for you, build on that awareness in the moment, and you will develop a number of different ways to target these symptoms. My goal will be for you to walk away from our work with your own unique coping tool kit, and that you will experience a significant decrease in frequency and intensity of these emotions.

Relationship Counseling

Are you finding that you’re struggling in your relationships? That relationships are just not where you’d like them to be? Maybe you’re feeling an overall sense of dissatisfaction, stress, and have needs that often go unmet. Whether that’s in dating, with your partner, family, friendships, or with coworkers, relationships can have a profound impact on our lives (whether negative or positive). If you’re finding that you’re feeling often misunderstood, unheard, overlooked, hurt, or in relationships that are unhealthy and not aligned with your values, we can explore why this might be and find a new way.

How Relationships Improve

Attachment styles in relationships are developed often early in our lives, can impact communication, and can explain why a person is drawn to certain relationships or why patterns repeat themselves. When we learn more about our own struggles and patterns, it creates a sense of clarity and empowerment to shift what is not working. You can navigate relationship obstacles with therapy that places focus on them to help create more fulfilling connections and enhance your overall satisfaction.

Trauma-Informed Care

Trauma’s Psychological Impacts

Experiences that have been traumatic can impact a person in many different ways and throughout their life when left untreated. One way the impacts of trauma might show up is physically in the body. For example, you might feel tightness in your chest, a throbbing headache, or a pit in your stomach that appears out of nowhere. You might even notice that you’re struggling in your relationships, whether that might be feeling distrustful, feeling anxious that your partner or friends might leave or abandon you at any time, you feel misunderstood often, emotions take over fairly quickly and you’re either shutting down or saying something you later regret.

Women’s Trauma-Informed Care

I infuse trauma-informed care that is thoughtful, intentional, and from many years of studying and implementing scientific modalities from experts within the field of psychology. This work aims at helping survivors regain control over their lives while healing and feeling liberated from traumatic experiences. You will see improvement in how you function, how your relationships are, and feel more in control of your life.