Overcoming Challenges and Building Resilience

Therapy For Men

Therapy For Men Dr Anissa York

Getting Started With Men’s Therapy

It’s really hard to ask for help. Maybe even painful. You might fear people not getting you, being talked down to, or having your pain minimized if you speak your truth. You’re having a tough time in your relationships or even finding yourself in a fulfilling and happy intimate relationship. Work might be stretching you really thin, leaving you feeling exhausted, stressed, overwhelmed, sad, irritable, frustrated, and angry at life. It’s hard to put much into life and relationships when you have little left to give. This can be a really lonely and isolating experience.

Stress: The Silent Killer

When one holds a lot of stress in their body, it will start to ripple out and impact all areas of life including but not limited to sleep concerns, changes in appetite and energy levels, mood, communication, and disconnection in relationships. In this high-pressured world that we live in, stress can be a silent killer. Therapy can help equip you with efficient strategies to handle stress and emotions more effectively, to foster greater presence in your life, and helps in improving overall wellness.

Benefits of Therapy for Men

I believe therapy can be a unique, empowering, and transformative experience for men when paired with the right therapist. I’ve worked with many men who are first timers in therapy or who have had a not so great (maybe 1 time experience) in therapy previously. Over the years, I’ve gained valuable experience specializing in men’s mental health and in deepening my understanding of the unique challenges men face in today’s modern world. We will get to know emotions in a new and approachable way, while building understanding of them and navigating through them. This not only will release you from the ingrained messages of “get over it, it’s not that big of a deal, just be a man,” but will also show you a new more meaningful way of connecting to your relationships and to your life again. Let’s take care of your well-being so that you can experience life in a new and improved way. I’m here for you on this journey.