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About Dr. Anissa York, PsyD

What’s important to me in my work as a psychologist and in my own life: Connection, relationships, sense of safety, calmness, feeling grounded, being present, introspection, curiosity, vulnerability, healing and letting go, greater understanding and relatability to who we are and aligning life with the things that are important and meaningful.

When not providing therapy, I enjoy being outdoors on a nature hike, kayaking, being at the beach, spending time with loved ones, trying out cool vegan spots, learning more about the local community that I’m in, hanging out at animal sanctuaries, or spending time at home with my two bunnies. I look forward to learning more about you in our work together!

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Psychologist Dr Anissa York

Licensed Psychologist Serving California & Florida

I am a Licensed Psychologist providing personalized online therapy services throughout the states of California and Florida. I enjoy providing integrative psychological care that aims to provide improvement in all aspects of life, including emotional and physical health. The research shows that the mind-body connection is directly related to one another, in that emotional well-being has a direct impact and influence on physical well-being and vice-versa. My specialty areas include working with young adults, early career professionals, and adults throughout the lifespan. My experience being in the field for the past 13 years has also equipped me to work very well with people from all different backgrounds and identities, as well as clinical specialties in the treatment of difficult emotions that show up physically in the body, relationship concerns (romantic, family, friendships, coworkers), understanding attachment styles and how they may be impacting current relationships, various life adjustments, identity development, building and improving communication skills, experiences of trauma, grief and loss, academic or career concerns, feelings of burnout, perfectionism, high achieving characteristics, and imposter syndrome struggles.

Therapy is hard and rewarding work. I find in this work there’s also MANY moments of celebrations and acknowledgment of the incredible changes and efforts that the clients whom I work with make and experience in their lives. When we move through some of the more difficult work, it is my goal that I match your pace, what you are needing, and where you are at in order for you to more fully engage in the process. I want you to find your why, help alleviate suffering, and lead you into a place of empowerment and meaning so that you can experience greater connection in your life.

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